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Corvias Military Living is currently offering bedroom upgrades and/or partial month's rent free for families who immediately move into specific homes.

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Home information and floor plans provided are representative only. Actual homes may vary. We encourage you to contact our Leasing Center as availability changes frequently for our homes on post. Please email or call 1-866-253-1217.

Normandy FGO Historic 3-Bedroom Duplex & Bungalow WL#3

Pay Grade Eligibility: O4(P) -CW5 | Normandy/Bastogne Gables

Corregidor Courts/Bougainville JENL 2-Bedroom Home WL#41

Pay Grade Eligibility: E1 -E5 | Corregidor Courts/Bougainville

Bastogne Gables JENL 2-Bedroom Single Family Home WL#85

Pay Grade Eligibility: E1 -E5 | Normandy/Bastogne Gables

Casablanca/Anzio Acres JENL 2-Bedroom Single Family Home WL#61

Pay Grade Eligibility: E1 -E5 | Casablanca/Anzio Acres

Ste Mere Eglise JENL 2-Bedroom Townhome WL#38

Pay Grade Eligibility: E1 -E5 | Ste Mere Eglise