Corvias Property Management

Fort Bragg

Pest Control

What is Integrated Pest Management?

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a highly effective approach to pest control that minimizes the use of pesticides and maximizes the use of natural processes. The use of IPM practices is required by the Army at Fort Bragg to protect the environment and you family's health and safety

Benefits of the Integrated Pest Management Program

  • Reduces your family's exposure to chemicals and poisons
  • Protects the long-term health and safety of your family and pets
  • Emphasizes preventative pest control measures
  • More effective at controlling pests than overusing pesticides
  • Prevents pesticide resistance
  • Protects ecological balance of beneficial organisms like earthworms and honey bees
  • Protects water quality by reducing chemicals in water runoff
  • Pesticide usage is monitored by the Fort Bragg Directorate of Public Works
  • Ensures Fort Bragg will be a great place to live for future generations

Does Integrated Pest Management affect pest control treatments?

Yes. Corvias is required to conform with Fort Bragg's integrated Pest Management Program to minimize pesticide usage. As a result, you may not be familiar with some of our pest control methods and processes. For example, to treat pests like roaches, jelly-like gel baits may be used instead of commercial baseboard sprays or "bug bombs". Strategically placed gel baits are both more effective and more eco-friendly than commercial sprays.

Baits attract pests that then carry the insecticide to hidden areas where other insects reside, effectively eradicating the parent pest population. Commercial sprays and "bug bombs", on the other hand, flush insects from their hiding spots and scatter pests to other areas. Baseboard sprays do not solve the pest problem; they simply shift it to somewhere else and expose your family to higher levels of chemicals in the home. Therefore, the use of gel baits as part of an Integrated Pest Management Program is a smarter way to control pests and limit your family's pesticide exposure.